How to Retrofit a Heated Windshield on a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

If you’re after a new DIY project that’ll improve your comfort during the cold winter months, retrofitting a heated windshield on your Land Rover Discovery Sport can be an excellent choice. Besides ensuring a clear view in frosty conditions, a heated windshield can also enhance the vehicle’s interior comfort. With the right tools and some patience, you can successfully install this feature in your SUV. Throughout this guide, we’ll explore the steps involved in completing the project, including handling the windshield, electrical system, and additional components.

Understanding the Benefits of a Heated Windshield

Before diving into the retrofit process, it’s crucial to understand why this upgrade can be beneficial for your Land Rover Discovery Sport. A heated windshield is a glass component embedded with electrical wires. When activated, these wires produce heat, helping to quickly defrost or de-ice the windshield. This feature not only improves visibility in icy or snowy conditions but also reduces the need to physically scrape off the ice or wait for the car’s defrost system to kick in.

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Moreover, retrofitting a heated windshield can significantly enhance the overall comfort and convenience of your car’s interior. It can save you time during your morning routine and reduce potential damage to the windshield caused by scraping. Plus, it adds a layer of luxury to your Land Rover Discovery Sport, making it stand out in the lot.

Choosing the Right Windshield and Components

When selecting a heated windshield for your SUV, it’s best to opt for a Land Rover-approved component. This ensures proper fit and optimal performance. The windshield should have a built-in electrical circuit for heat distribution.

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Besides the heated glass, you’ll require additional components like connecting wires, a control switch for the dashboard, a relay for the electrical system, and rubber trim to properly secure the windshield. These parts are crucial in ensuring the heated windshield operates efficiently and seamlessly with your vehicle’s existing systems.

Remember, this process requires you to handle electrical wiring. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable with this, it would be best to seek professional assistance.

Preparing for the Retrofit

Preparation is key in successfully retrofitting the heated windshield. Start by identifying the location of your existing windshield’s electrical connector, which is typically found under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. You’ll need to run the new wiring from this connector to the control switch on the dashboard and to the relay in the fuse box.

Next, prepare the new windshield. Carefully clean the glass with a non-abrasive cloth and glass cleaner to remove any packaging residue or dust. Avoid touching the heating elements embedded in the glass.

Installing the Windshield

Once you’re ready to start, carefully remove the existing windshield. Use a professional-grade windshield removal tool to cut through the adhesive holding the glass to the frame. Be careful not to damage the surrounding parts, such as the hood, wipers, or exterior trim.

Before installing the new windshield, apply a bead of urethane adhesive on the frame where the glass will sit. Place the heated windshield on top, ensuring it aligns with the frame. The rubber trim should sit snugly around the edge.

Wiring and Finalizing the Installation

The final step involves wiring the heated windshield to the vehicle’s electrical system. Connect the windshield’s electrical connectors to the previously identified wiring points. Run the cable through the dashboard to the control switch and the relay in the fuse box.

Next, test the system. Turn on the ignition and activate the heated windshield via the control switch. You should notice the glass starting to heat up. If not, check your wiring connections.

Lastly, reinstall the exterior trim and any other parts you removed.

Remember, retrofitting a heated windshield on a Land Rover Discovery Sport doesn’t only provide added comfort during the winter months. It also adds value to your vehicle and enhances its appeal. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, this project can be an interesting challenge with rewarding results.

Retrofitting the Control Switch and Relay

After installing the heated windshield, it’s time to focus on the control switch and the relay, two vital components in this retrofit process. The control switch allows you to activate and deactivate the windshield heating feature, while the relay ensures the system receives the appropriate power supply.

The control switch should ideally be placed within easy reach while driving your Land Rover Discovery Sport. The best location is usually on the dashboard. If an empty slot is not available on your vehicle’s dashboard, you may have to create one. Carefully measure the switch’s dimensions and use a drill to create space for it. Remember to keep safety as your top priority during this process.

Once you’ve secured the control switch, proceed to install the relay. The relay is essentially a type of electrically operated switch that ensures the heated windshield receives power when activated. The best place to install the relay is in the fuse box of your Land Rover Discovery Sport.

To establish the connection between the heated windshield, control switch, and relay, you’ll need to run wires from the windshield’s connectors to these components. Ensure to hide the wires neatly behind the interior trim to maintain a clean look in your vehicle.

The Final Touches and Testing the System

Once all components are installed and wired correctly, it’s time to test the system. Turn on the ignition and activate the heated windshield using the control switch on your dashboard. You should notice the glass starting to warm after a few moments. If the windshield does not heat up, double-check your wiring connections and ensure the relay is working correctly.

After successfully testing the system, replace any components that were removed or moved during the retrofit, such as the floor mats and steering wheel. Reinstall the interior trim to conceal the new wiring and to restore the original design of your Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the retrofit of a heated windshield on your Land Rover Discovery Sport.


Retrofitting a heated windshield on your Land Rover Discovery Sport is an excellent way to enhance your vehicle’s convenience during winter months. It not only provides clear visibility in frosty conditions but also elevates the overall comfort within your vehicle, reducing time and effort spent on defrosting the windshield manually.

Although the process may seem daunting, with the right tools, parts, and a good dose of patience, it is entirely achievable. Whether you’re a Land Rover enthusiast or simply someone who loves a good DIY project, this retrofit project offers a rewarding experience and adds value to your Discovery Sport experience.

Remember, if at any point you feel uncertain about handling the electrical wiring or any other part of the retrofit, it’s always best to consult a professional. Safety should always be your top priority when undertaking such projects. The benefits of a heated windshield in your Rover Discovery Sport are certainly worth the effort and investment, making it a fantastic asset for any Range Rover owner.

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